Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Black box

I hate to derive amusement from someone else's misfortune, but the Arafat situation has spawned some of the funniest and most bizarre news coverage in recent memory. First, there was an incorrect report of his demise and then a spate of hasty bet-hedgings, which is the sort of news coverage you'd expect to hear delivered by the likes of Chevy Chase.

This soon begat the world's shortest news conference:

*tap tap tap*

*squeal of feedback*

"Monsieur Arafat n'est pas décédé. Merci."

Either Fark or one of the blogs in its sphere of influence dubbed the ailing Palestinian leader "Schroedinger's Arafat." As if that weren't brilliant enough, today Fark has posted an update saying Arafat is on the machine that goes 'ping.'

But for better or for worse, it is inevitable that eventually the gendarme in the natty outfit will appear before reporters to declare:

"Monsieur Arafat est mort. Merci."


11 pm EST

Can I call 'em or what?