Wednesday, November 17, 2004


• Intermittent cable internet problems. Down for hours at a time. Nobody knows why. The company plans to drop by with a new modem soon because they can't figure out anything else it could be.

• The s.o. has put in hours and hours of foyer-painting time: ceiling, decorative spindles, beadboard. He helped me move the fridge and bring an extension ladder into the kitchen, and since then I've been painting the previously unreachable parts of the mouldings. It's hard to remodel a house when you're living in it...especially the kitchen!

• The realtor's husband, a truck driver, came and hauled away the s.o.'s old broken-down van for us. It really helps the appearance of a property when you don't have junk vehicles sitting around.

• Gorgeous weather--clear and sunny. Very cold at night, though. We have had our first couple of significant frosts, and the coleus plants are beginning to look ragged and frostbitten. We brought in our potted plants for the winter and are now struggling to find nice-looking places to put them, since prospective house-buyers might visit at any moment.

• Not that they are.