Monday, November 15, 2004

Food voyeurism

Inspired by a past post over at Witho's place, I present you with a photo of the inside of my fridge. I believe this proves that I am absolutely unsuited to using a reasonable European-size refrigerator. Indeed, I push the limits of my American one.

An ID on some of the visible contents:

Front: Milk, slaw from a hot-wing restaurant, hummus, yogurt, an open can of cat food, a little can of grapefruit juice, Perrier, unsweetened iced tea
Back: Marmalade, packaged chocolate pudding, Miracle Whip, apple cider, some other things

Cheese drawer: Monterey Jack, bacon, Canadian bacon, Neufchatel
Shelf: English muffins, eggs, cooked Hubbard squash, various pickle-y things, tahini, leftover hot-pepper chicken, flour tortillas

Cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, orange juice, celery, beer

Not shown
Fruit and vegetable drawers
Door (although you can see a jar of jam and a bottle of tamarind chutney)
More stuff in the back

It's always been like this! And I was over at J. and F.'s place yesterday and theirs was actually worse. I think we should just resign ourselves to it...