Monday, November 22, 2004

Mighty huntress

Taxi the cat has caught and tortured another small lizard. This one was a Carolina anole (her usual prey are skinks). I discovered it because there was a congregation of domestic animals all staring at one place on the dining room rug. If they were trying to be sneaky, they failed!

I took a rag and carefully scooped up the lizard and moved it outside. It wasn't bleeding. It was breathing hard and deep and infrequently. It looked sort of dry and ragged. What was strangest, though, was its coloration. Anoles usually change from brown to lime green and back again depending on their mood and surroundings. This one looked as though it had acquired the lizard version of a computer virus. It was patchy: brown, green, grey, and silvery blue.

I left it out back by the herb garden. Probably a bird swooped down and ate it the moment the door slammed.

Taxi was a little miffed at me, but she's over it.