Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just do it

Try this recipe. Just go ahead and try it and you'll thank me later.

It's a recipe for something called a Far Breton, which is more or less a member of the clafoutis family*. I made it first thing this morning and groggily did everything possible to screw it up, including trying to make it in a springform pan (don't--the batter is too thin and it will run out!). Eventually I poured what was left into a souffle dish and stuck it back into the (by-then-smoldering) oven. It resisted all my attempts to kill it and turned out delicious.

I can't believe one of the reviewers on Epicurious called it "bland." Nothing could be farther from the truth. I suspect that person skipped the flaming-the-fruit-in-brandy step, or maybe forgot the vanilla. I can't imagine that their taste buds could really be that lame.

Here is today's brunch menu:

Far Breton
Canadian bacon
Buttered homemade bread
Sliced pears
Hobnobs with Brie (try it!)

* I know, they keep cropping up here. I can't help it--I love anything that resembles a crepe with fruit in it. Especially a GIANT crepe with fruit in it.