Thursday, April 28, 2005


A prospective owner is coming to visit Gracie tomorrow. I'm a little torn up about this, and the s.o. won't even mention it. Even though we know we need to find her a new home, we love her. It's very hard to think that she might be leaving us. The guy sounds pretty nice and responsible and might be a good fit. But we'll miss her if he adopts her!

Since we need her to give her best possible impression, we gave her a bath. She HATES baths. The only reason I was able to do it alone last time was because I took her to a dog wash with an eyehook for clipping leashes to and a sprayer for getting the tricky spots. At home it took two of us with all our strength (and she's not even that big of a dog!).

On the bright side, after all the splashing and shaking, I used the towels to wipe up the water and *bingo!* the bathroom floor had been mopped. Sort of.