Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Not surprised, but not happy either

Yes, I'm talking about the American Idol result. Constantine just wasn't that great last night, and I think it was a little unwise of him to continue rocking out when everyone liked his crooner/theatrical side so much better. No matter, I guess, because I'm pretty sure he'll be famous anyway. (He already is, right?)

But there are other forces at work. I'd like to send out a big f*** you to the folks at who are doing all they can to deliberately skew the result by voting for Scott Savol. Whether or not their efforts made a difference this week, and whether or not Idol is worth caring about in the first place, these folks bother me because they exemplify what's most obnoxious about this country--the glorification of the mediocre. The logical extension of this attitude is that we elect a guy president who can't do any better at the job than any of our moron drinking buddies could do.

Whether you're electing a politician or a pop star, you don't want an everyman! You want somebody who's really good at the job.


Idol is going to be a little less compelling for me from now on. I still have a horse in this race, though. I'm rooting for Bo.