Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A strangely intangible day

I look back on today and can't for the life of me figure out what I did. My back and feet hurt, which would seem to imply that I did something significant. But what it was, besides a little desk work and some garden-watering (with Miracle-Gro, I might add--the experimental cardoon plant was looking a little yellow), I can't say.

The s.o. and a friend are watching baseball and talking about baseball blogging. I am basking in the afterglow of American Idol. Two comments: (1) I called that*, and (2) Jo, your boy is back!

It occurs to me that this is one of the most blissfully beautiful times of year here. Every morning lately we have been waking up to a subtle, haunting perfume we can't identify. We go outside and search for it and it's nowhere, but still it's everywhere. The azaleas are vibrant right now, and so are the wild roses, but it is neither of those. The honeysuckle hasn't bloomed yet, so what in the world is it?

The blueberry bushes are in between flower and berry--they have tiny blue-purple buds all over them. The chimney swifts are thundering in the chimney.

Ah, now I remember something important that I did today. Today I found two roommates to share my hotel room at Twangfest. Now I can afford it for sure! Both ladies are in need of a car while they're there, too, which is something I can help with (I'm driving, they're flying). I'm starting to get excited about it now, and to wonder exactly who will be there.

* I predicted the dream sequence on House last night, too, for what it's worth. Best. Episode. Ever.