Thursday, April 07, 2005

N-V-T-S, nuts

Baked goods in the mail for the first person to tell me where the title comes from.

Cairo has been lying at the s.o.'s feet, staring intently up at him, for about 15 minutes straight. It must be hard to type when those shiny, worshipful canine eyes are burning into the side of your head.

The s.o. has been eating a lot of pistachios lately. The dogs congregate around him when he starts cracking open the shells, knowing that eventually they'll get one. I've heard of dogs loving popcorn (and ours are no exception), but pistachios? Now we've done it--our dogs have acquired gourmet tastes!

I turn to look at the s.o. "Do you have pistachio dust under your fingernails or something?"

He looks down at his furry admirer.