Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chicks are ordered!

Day-old chicks, to be delivered the week of May 8 (the soonest they are all available):

1 Black Japanese bantam
1 Buff Japanese bantam
2 Mille Fleur bantams
4 Black Langshans
4 Partridge Rocks
4 Buff Orpingtons
5 Barred Rocks
4 Speckled Sussex
1 Barnyard Combination #2 (9 ducklings and 6 turkeys of Murray McMurray's choosing)

And they were pretty cheep, too. Ugh. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

"So, why all the different breeds of chickens?" you ask. The reasons are that (a) I'm indecisive, (b) we want to find out which breeds we like best, and (c) why not? And the bantams are purely for "wow, cool" value.

"Why so many birds?" you ask. Well, because there's a minimum order to prevent the chicks from bouncing around and/or getting chilled in transit. Also, we have all this land, and we do eat a lot of chicken and eggs, so again, why not?

There was a different Barnyard Combination that had ducks, turkeys, and a couple of geese, but as much as I like roast goose, it seemed like too much. I had a moment of clarity where I pictured myself and/or the dogs being chased by an angry, honking goose and decided that I had my whole life ahead of me and there was no reason I needed to raise my own geese right now!