Friday, February 10, 2006

Eating local all the year 'round

I am so proud of tonight's dinner that I have to share:

The main course was this, made with a package of weird-shaped end ribs and back pieces from our half pig. It was delectably tender, with that deep porky flavor that we are coming to expect. (We are so spoiled. So much for buying what passes for pork at the supermarket ever again!)

The sauce was already made; it was the last of a batch I froze last July when blackberries were plentiful. It freezes beautifully, I must say! I think I'll put up a bunch of it this year, because it is fast becoming one of my all-time favorite barbecue sauces.

The side dish was a coleslaw made completely from our own fresh vegetables: the little cabbagey tops of our brussels sprout plants (we lopped off the tops to try to encourage the little sprouts to grow bigger, because they have been awfully slow), a carrot, and a big handful of Sparkler radishes. It turned out really nicely.

So there you have it: Georgia pork, blackberries, brassicas, carrots, and radishes.

I'm stuffed.