Friday, February 03, 2006

Global warming? pt. 2

This is how mild the weather has been:

We heat our house with natural gas, which has (of course) gone up precipitously in price this year.

I just received a gas bill, opened it, looked at the amount, and thought, "Oh, that's totally reasonable."


By the way, today is the regularly-scheduled, has-nothing-to-do-with-the-mild-winter day of starting seeds in the greenhouse. Our last frost date is somewhere in mid-March, usually, so now's the time to get the warm-weather crops into their little peat pots. Meanwhile, the bok choy and cabbages I started in the greenhouse several weeks ago are now ready to be released into the garden proper.

Also, there is a festival of kohlrabi sproutage happening in the garden. I planted kohlrabi as an experimental crop, not even knowing if I like it. But if they keep growing at their present rate, I certainly hope I do!