Friday, January 28, 2005

The flu conquers Athens


"Hi, F. How are you?"
"Oh, hey, Jamie! Pretty good."
"Hey, I just wanted to call and cancel dinner tomorrow night with you and J. I'm really sick, and I don't think I'll be up to it."
"You know, that's probably for the best. J.'s sick too."
"Yeah. M.* was sick last week, plus two of the guys in my band had it. I don't feel that great myself, but I'm going to work both my shift and J.'s today."
"Ew. Well, hope she feels better...and that you don't come down with it."

Three minutes go by, and then...


"Hi, Jamie. This is L.**"
"Hi, L.! How are you?"
"Well, I have the flu, so I was wondering if you wanted my shift tonight."
"Whew, L., normally I would, but I'm sick too. I hope you feel better."

We are so screwed.


* Our boss at the bar.
** The boss's wife, who also works at the bar.