Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Status of various Christmas presents*

1. Books-A-Million gift card: Has been converted into the anniversary edition of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1.

2. Barnes and Noble gift card: Shared between me and the s.o. last night when we went shopping after a dinner at J. and F.'s place. He got two really nice art books that were on deepest deepest discount, plus a little wooden artist's model. I got the new edition of the Writer's Market. I think the givers (my brother and his wife) intended us to get a specific very nice coffee table book with the card, but we hope they won't mind that we divvied it up the way we did.

3. Fluffy white robes: Worn daily by both of us. It's like a spa around here. I keep offering to give the s.o. a pedicure, but I hope he knows I'm kidding.

4. Origami Page-a-Day calendar: Lots of fun and faithfully executed every morning, except for the one where it had you cut up the paper and make four origami pencils. I thought that one was stupid and threw it out. The bunny head from January 2 is especially beloved ever since the s.o. turned it into a full-fledged character-about-the-house. In comedy Japanese accent: "You have made Origami Bunny very angry!"

5. Return to River Cottage DVD: OH MY GOD BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER, except for maybe that trip to South Africa a few years ago. But that's some very stiff competition.

6. Calphalon roasting pan: Much adored but not yet used.

7. Homemade book of Nana's favorite recipes: Ditto. I should post some of the recipes on my food blog one of these days, but not the pie crust recipe because it is a Family Secret.

8. Pen set: Ditto.

9. Home Depot gift card: More than half blown already.

10. L.L. Bean fleece sleeping bag liners: Tucked away for use during Spring Training vacation.

11. Bottle of Bumble & Bumble tonic shampoo: Used every time I shower, and if the s.o. uses any of it, I'll exfoliate him until he begs for mercy.

12. Tin of Lebanese baklava: Wow! Way better than my baklava. Two pieces eaten; the rest stowed in the freezer for a leaner time.

13. Bottle of wine: So very very gone. Weeks ago.

*I have a huuuuuge family, not because of excessive childbearing so much as due to repeated divorces and remarriages. It's really stressful to find good gifts for everyone, but then again, it's fun to receive so many cool things, because they all have very good taste.