Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I must have touched the wrong dollar bill on Saturday night, because I have an awful cold. I'm sure the sleep deprivation didn't help. I'm spoiled when it comes to sleep. My system is very much used to eight hours a night. If I don't get it, little parts of me start going on strike.

The worst part is the tickling inside my ears. It makes me crazy; the urge to scrape out my brainpan with a Q-tip is very powerful. The sore, sinus-drainagey throat isn't any fun, either. I normally wait until I'm desperate to take any kind of medicine, but... Oh, wait, I am desperate. Tonight may be a Nyquil night.

I look pale and washed out, but that's not completely the fault of the cold virus. I went to my hairdresser yesterday* and she tried out a new brand of hair colors on me. The dye took, er, a little strongly. I am Courteney Cox when I was aiming for Jennifer Aniston. I washed it twice in a row this morning to no avail. So I have a second appointment tomorrow morning to lighten it up.

On the bright side, our weather has cleared up nicely. And! And! And! I am making homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Those two things are enough to bring a smile to my face.


* Yes, I remembered to pick up my boots at the cobbler's shop while I was in town. It's a great place. My shoes always come back looking glossy and expensive even though in most cases I originally bought them at a thrift store or a garage sale. The only thing I find disconcerting is their filing system. They stack finished shoes in towering columns along the walls, in paper bags with the clients' names stapled to them. They can never find my shoes when I come to collect them. This time it took 15 minutes for them to track them down. It didn't help that the woman behind the counter couldn't understand my last name no matter how many times I repeated it and spelled it. Look, I know it's a funny sort of Scandinavian name**, but it's only two syllables, and there are no unfamiliar vowels or consonants involved.

** Sometimes I think I should have changed my name back after I got divorced, but it wouldn't have really helped. My current name is unpronounceable, but my maiden name was unspellable. Which is worse?