Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

1. Stop procrastinating! Or at the very least, stop procrastinating so much.

2. Stop going back for seconds. As I've mentioned before, I am blessed with a speedy metabolism. Unfortunately, I am cursed with the appetite of a pack of 15-year-old boys. As a result, I spent a decade of my adult life 30 pounds overweight. I lost that weight in late 1999, but ever since I've been struggling with 5 or 10 pounds that keep creeping back on. If I would just eat a reasonable portion and then stop, I would never have to worry again.

3. Meanwhile, stop feeling ugly because of 5 or 10 pounds that nobody else can see.

4. Spend a little time every day working on a long-term project, such as home improvement or writing that isn't for an immediate deadline.

5. Enjoy the outdoors more often.