Sunday, January 23, 2005

Harbingers of Artic air, more like

Why the hell is it so co-o-o-o-o-o-old? Last night the wind howled and whipped for hours. The power went out several times. Something in the house, just over the bedroom (of course), creaked every two or three minutes.

I was already short on sleep because of working at the bar. But tired as I was, I didn't sleep much. I'm exhausted and my skin looks haggard.

Still waiting for a call back from the realtor. The couple who looked at our house have had trouble pinning down their granddaughter, so they can't schedule the second look-see just yet. So we continue to keep the house unnaturally clean...and wait.

Meanwhile, little nagging thoughts keep occurring to me. Like the fact that I left a pair of boots at the cobbler's shop more than a week ago and have so far forgotten to pick them up. And the fact that if I don't get my hair cut and colored soon, the What Not to Wear hairdresser guy is going to show up at my door.