Saturday, May 13, 2006

Around Chez 10 Signs

Well, no turkeys and ducklings yet. I hate to think what's happening with them. Were they shipped late, or did they get lost, or both? Will I be called to the post office to receive a box of dead or dying birds? God, I hope not. If they never come, I may just ask for my money back in lieu of reshipping. The s.o. and I will talk it over.

But the chicks, at least, are healthy. They have doubled in size and have grown teeny little wings. They flutter when they run, trying to achieve a little bit of lift. I find it absolutely incredible that they can grow these long, fully developed feathers overnight!

I managed to get a bit done in the garden. I pulled up all our Chiogga beets because they had gotten huge and I was afraid they would bolt if I waited any longer. I am cooking them as I type this. This is my first time growing Chioggas, and I'm already a huge fan. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Where they had been, I dug in some Black Kow and planted my long-languishing tomatillo seedlings. I also dug some manure into the spot where my first batch of arugula had been (before it bolted and was summarily removed to the compost heap). I put my Goldgelber purslane seedlings there. I don't know yet if I'll like purslane, but I bet I will. It's one of this year's experimental crops.

Two days ago, I finally planted our okra seeds.They haven't surfaced yet, but I expect to see them poke through the soil soon.