Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Ugh. I love summer and everything, but temperatures in the mid-90s are miserable no matter how you slice it. I got up early to avoid the heat and planted purple-hull peas among the sweet corn rows.

It's dry as a bone out there, so once again we had to water the garden. I want to automate the watering process somehow. I have never been satisfied with the water distribution I get from soaker hoses, and I need something more movable and adjustable than a drip irrigation system, so I am considering hooking up a battery of sprinklers to a timer so that at 5:00 AM...fsssssshhhhhhhh! They kick on. Anything has to be more efficient than me standing out there in the heat with a hose.

Today I saw two hummingbirds either fighting or mating, I'm not sure which.

Tonight there were suddenly fireflies where there hadn't been any before. Unfortunately, there were also suddenly Japanese beetles. Time to put out the trap!