Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chix rule

Hi! Our owners haven't received their shipment of ducklings and baby turkeys yet, so they asked us to pose for some more gratuitous snapshots. But we are unphotographable. We see it as our mission in life to scramble out of the frame, turn our tails to the lens, and generally look blurry.

We are doing our best to grow wing feathers. We are growing them pretty fast, and in fact one of us keeps trying to flap up to the top of the waterer. No success yet, though.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are:

• 5 Barred Rocks (black with white markings and wingtips)
• 4 Black Langshans (big, chubby, and black with yellow bellies)
• 4 Buff Orpingtons (Easter chicks)
• 4 Speckled Sussex (brown and stripey with cream-colored bellies)
• 4 Partridge Rocks (we are wearing tiny mink coats)
• 2 Mille Fleur bantams (tiny teddy bears with fuzzy round heads)
• 2 Black Japanese bantams (our owners only ordered one of us, but the lady at the hatchery lost count)
• 1 Black-tailed Gold Japanese bantam (tiny round Easter chick)
• 1 penguin-y mystery chick that is probably a Cochin bantam...the owners' hands-down favorite

The food is good and we take lots of naps. We will keep you posted about our plans for world domination.