Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two and a half weeks old!

The Chix. How I love them! Look how much they've grown.

Yes, those are my feet in the photo. Last week a couple of friends came to visit, and one told me that in order to really get the chickens to bond with me, I should get down on the floor with them. So I fashioned myself a "sit-upon" out of newsprint (because, really, who wants to sit in chicken litter?) and started spending some face time with the poultry. Before long they were picking starter crumbles off my feet, and a few of them started to stand on me while they were eating.

One chicken has taken it one step further. She's the dark one--the least barred of the Barred Rocks--in the right foreground of the second pic. Her name is Nadia because she uses me as a balance beam. I can put my hand in front of her, and she'll hop up on it. She likes to roost on me, and she's never scared off when all the other chickens are spooked. I can move her from place to place, balanced on my hand. She waits for me. She thinks I'm hers.

So I am especially fond of Nadia.

But all 27 of the chickens are happy and healthy. I am so pleased. I wish the Mille Fleurs were not so shy, because they're really worth seeing. Their colors are vibrant, and they're feathering up like crazy, especially on their (oversized) feet. At first I thought they looked like hobbits, but then the s.o. likened them to club kids, mopping up the floor of the bar with their long, floppy jeans. They really deserve a better tribute than that, but it's so funny I can't think of them any other way.

P.S. See Our Little Penguin Friend in the background of both photos?