Monday, May 22, 2006

A weekend of good eating

Well, summer seems to have started in earnest. On Friday a heat wave rolled in, and all of the sudden our chickens are being maintained via a delicate and rather wasteful balance of heat lamp vs. air conditioning. It'll only be a couple more weeks before they can live outside, though.

Saturday we worked hard all day in the office and garden, then scuttled off to Athens to go to dinner. We saw a couple of bands play--one of them being the excellent Lake City. Everyone we knew seemed to be there, which was good, because we don't show our faces in town very often and it's nice to make the most of it when we do.

Saturday it was more work around here, then a blissful, pork-centric potluck dinner at a friend's house. Among our crowd, potlucks border on the ridiculous. I seem to remember downing a barbecue sandwich, an ear of grilled corn, two ribs, a piece of butternut squash lasagna, a skewer of grilled vegetables, a slice of watermelon, a serving of rhubarb crumble with whiskey butter (made by a visiting friend), and a s'more. And of course I also did a little "quality assurance" on the dishes we brought.

The s.o. and I made two contributions: first, a giant batch of vegetable samosas made with our own peas and carrots; and second, a fruit cobbler.

For the cobbler, I brought out the very last package of frozen 2005 blueberries. But when I looked at the recipe, I was a cup or two short of fruit. So I sneaked across the street to pick some of the berries along the edge of the horse pasture. We've decided that they're boysenberries, right? Well, I got a heaping cup of them, and there are plenty more yet to ripen. The combination of blueberries and boysenberries brought out the best in both. Cobbler is all the sweeter with purloined fruit!

Now I feel as though I need Food Detox. Or maybe just some herbal tea.