Wednesday, March 09, 2005


OK, I lied again. One more post. Does anyone want a puppy?

A stray wandered up on our front porch. A 4- to 6-month-old female mutt who is definitely part pit bull (judging by her square head and small flop ears), maybe mixed with something small. SUPER friendly. Likes to give kisses and receive hugs. No aggression whatsoever. Strong guard dog instinct--barks at scary stuff. We have named her Gracie because we needed something to call her. It seemed right.

She is skinny but not emaciated. Her collar was too tight. She has the remains of a chewed-off lead on her collar.

As you know, we're trying oh-so-hard to leave for vacation. I called my friend who's a veterinary student, and she gave me the number of an animal hospital in Athens that can vaccinate and board on short notice. I'm calling first thing in the morning. And then we are outta here...and will deal with this when we get back!

In case anyone is wondering, we are fostering this dog, not adopting her. We don't want another dog, and indeed don't have the time for one. But we can't just cut her loose. She has proved already that she hasn't got the sense to stay out of the road. And if someone else around here found her, they might try to dogfight her, or worse. Gotta find her a real home where she'll be loved.

LATER. In a week.

Why does everything always have to happen when you're busiest????