Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mistake? Or good fortune?

I accidentally bought white chocolate Toblerone today. The bars were 79 cents each and they were sitting on the checkout counter at Big Lots, and I grabbed three of them without looking too closely because I loooooove Toblerone.

When I got home with the groceries and looked closer, I was terribly disappointed because I don't like white chocolate. I dislike it to the point where I don't even want a hint of it in a cheesecake or a cookie. I've always seen it as pointless--chocolate without the chocolate. Give me my cocoa!

But then I broke off a little "mountain peak" from the bar and ate it. And you know what? If all white chocolate tasted like that, I wouldn't think so poorly of it. In fact, I might even like it a lot.

Let us raise a glass in honor of Swiss chocolatiers.

But let us not become hasty. If I am eating dinner at your restaurant and the waiter tells me the house dessert specialty is Raspberry White Chocolate Decadence Cake, I still won't order it, because most white chocolate is not worth the energy it takes to break off a chunk. White chocolate as a "fancy" extra in a dessert? That's hack.