Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Beneficial and not-so-beneficial

Green anoles on the front porch, and these on the back porch. The back is sunnier, and the skinks like to burrow in the red clay inside the concrete steps.

Deer have decimated our garden and fruit plantings, and I have had it up to HERE with them. Luckily, Seeds of Change sells deer fencing for the incredibly low price of $18 per hundred feet. I paid extra for quick shipping. In the meantime, we're resorting to the usual folk remedies: Chicken wire on the ground (supposedly they hate to walk on it), polypropylene netting over the cherry trees (I'm sure they could rip it off if they really wanted to), a nasty spray solution on the gladiolas (I don't even know what's in it, but the s.o. whipped it up and it looks disgusting in the fridge), blood meal everywhere (the dogs are attracted to it, unfortunately), and territorial markings (meaning that the s.o. went out and peed at the four corners of the garden at dusk). It was a little ridiculous, but then again there was no new damage last night.

Why don't deer eat kudzu?!