Sunday, June 13, 2004

Flaky and half-baked

There's a coffee shop in town that's looking to carry some new (and presumably better) pastries. Before I left on my trip last week, my friend J. introduced me to the company president and raved about my pies. So now I have a pastry tasting/business meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning. Never mind that I was imagining a two- or three-year plan for starting a bakery. They want to see me now.

This means lots of prototyping to make sure I put my best foot forward. So today, in the throes of an uncommonly hot and humid afternoon, I am up to my ass in baklava, scones, and brownie tarts. Most of it is turning out really well. Some needs a little more polishing. Meanwhile, my computer is humming with cost spreadsheets and sales literature.

The s.o. is working on our long-neglected dining room. He's been a blur of activity--scraping flaky old paint off the beadboard on the ceiling, mudding drywall joints, sanding mouldings. "I am so almost done," he said just now, as he sat down with a beer.

I would like to help him, but tonight I have to write a short article. So much for my vacation!