Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Flaky and half-baked, pt. 2

I had a meeting with the owner of the coffee shop this morning. He was younger than he'd sounded on the phone, probably my age. (Even as I reach my mid-thirties, I continue to expect business owners to be older than me...after all, you have to be a grown-up to do something like that, right?) He explained that he had been up past 3:00 AM and apologized several times for not having shaved. He was not in the mood for sweets. I think he might have been hung over.

Despite all that, I think things went pretty well. The employee who sat in on the meeting devoured half a brownie tart and looked ready for more. The owner thought the tarts and the baklava looked appealing, and he also liked the "homemade" look of my pies. He even said it was reasonable that my scones cost more than a competitor's, because they looked nicer. I left my big plastic container of goodies with them so they could snack on the contents when the mood struck them. The owner said he'd contact me after this weekend's big music festival.

He talked about a three-times-a-week delivery schedule. I think I have a shot at at least placing a couple of products with them! Could it be?

*she shudders, thinking of the tax and licensing garble she'll have to wade through*

Still, could it be??