Thursday, June 03, 2004

Gardening at night

Late evening has its pros and cons. The bugs come out, which is a con if there ever was one. But on the other hand, the temperature becomes mild and pleasant, and there's a precious hour or so to garden before darkness falls.

Today had been mostly rotten. I deposited a paycheck and then checked my balance only to find that I'd accidentally overdrawn AGAIN. The new deposit wouldn't go through until at least tomorrow, probably tomorrow night. So in the meantime I had absolutely squat. Less than squat.

That would have been kind of okay except I was in town to pick up flea preventative for Cairo and to get my hair done. There was no hope at the vet's office; I tried a credit card that I knew perfectly well was maxed out, and indeed it was declined. So I told them I'd pick up the medicine on Saturday and left.

I drove to my hairstylist's and immediately told her I'd have to cancel. I explained my money predicament. She shushed me and sat me down. "Mail me a check later," she said. So now I might be broke, but I have a crisp new haircut and gorgeous dark-blonde highlights that the s.o. says look as though I got some sun at the beach. Rock on.

As I was driving home I clapped my favorite pair of sunglasses on my head and felt them snap in half. Shit. And then I felt my monthly cramps set in. Also not a stellar moment.

It was just odds and ends for dinner. I had no energy for anything else. But somehow guilt or industriousness or something compelled me to slip on my gardening clogs and step outside in that one hour before night fell. And in that one short hour, I helped the s.o. remove the pea trellis (that season is over), then built two more hills in the squash section of the garden. One is now planted with watermelons, and the other with canteloupes.

Oh! And there's one more thing. The deer fencing came today, and in the box the Seeds of Change people included a free packet of seeds. They're Roc d'Or yellow wax bush beans. Amazingly, that's the perfect freebie for us. I had planted green bush beans where the potatoes were, and there's still a big bed waiting for more beans. But I hadn't wanted that many of the same kind! So wax beans it is.

Must go. Many, many episodes of Law & Order to watch, and gummi bears to eat.