Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Clean bill of health

I took Cairo to the veterinary orthopedic surgeon this morning for follow-up x-rays of his remaining hind leg. The vet showed me an old x-ray for comparison, then the new one. It is amazing how much the bones have remodeled themselves in just one month. The tibia and fibula look almost completely normal now; there's just a very minor kink. Nothing like the mass of amorphous bone that was there before.

So the vet said Cairo can do all the normal dog things he wants to do: running, tug-of-war, wrestling Silver, hunting the cat, etc. He will probably always have some stiffness in his hip and knee, but he moves great and (as always) has tons of enthusiasm. He's good to go and we're so proud of him!

He did get carsick again, though. Tagamet, Shmagamet. *sigh*

When I had to take the car out later in the day, I pulled the barf towel out and hung it on a sawhorse in the back yard to dry out. The s.o. didn't notice it and stuck his hand right in the dog puke when he went out to do some work. I apologized a bunch of times, but I don't know if it sounded sincere because I was laughing too hard.