Thursday, June 24, 2004

Two thumbs up

Tonight we went out to see the movie Saved!. It was fantastic and so very, very funny. I think everyone in the theatre enjoyed it, but I may have enjoyed it more than most. I was the one with the inappropriate barking laugh at times when other people in the room were silent. Yep, that was me.

The Christian Right has had a field day with this movie, but I think they're reacting in a knee-jerk fashion to the subject matter and to the fact that Michael Stipe was on the production team. It's actually a fairly warm and fuzzy film. It doesn't make fun of Christians so much as it makes fun of hypocrites who use Christianity as a way to feel superior to others. In my book, hypocrites are always a legitimate target.

One thing that struck me about it was the fact that teenagers looked like teenagers in it. Bad hair, bad skin, etc. No attempt to idealize them or make them into glamorous little adults.

And as for Patrick Fugit, all I can say is: My, how he's grown since Almost Famous! I didn't recognize him. He's adorable. It's probably inappropriate for me to say that, but there it is.